Meet Alicia Brayboy: Actress, Tarot Card Reader & Marketing Consultant in Los Angeles, CA


“East coast-west coast” hybrid– actress, producer, digital marketer and tarot card reader — Alicia Brayboy has spent the majority of her life between New York and California navigating her journey as an artist.

Though life has presented many challenges, Alicia has grown resilient and her unique perspective allows for great empathy, fueling her passion for creating stories that serve as a therapeutic outlet for others and herself.

A main component of Alicia’s journey has been to “make art for the sake of art.” This has not only led her to be in a number of out-of-the-box, experimental projects across a wide number of mediums, but to also produce her own work, including her own series, Dreams, a narrative that stems from Alicia’s own dreams manifesting into reality.

Whether through her filmmaking, digital marketing or tarot reading, Alicia’s aim is to be as authentic as possible striving for her audience and artists to feel heard and seen. Working alongside other passionate creators, Alicia is protective of every artist’s vision and committed to helping creatives and dreamers throughout humanity reach their potential. Alicia is constantly adapting, growing, evolving — and so are the stories born within her.


You can find Alicia in acting class, reading tarot cards for her clients, producing her own stuff, helping small businesses with marketing and PR, bowling, hiking, playing volleyball, conquering and taking names at the air hockey table, meandering through art galleries for inspiration, dancing at music festivals, laughing till her cheeks hurt with friends and absorbing random facts from the internet.
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